Virtual Folders- The Magic Folders

Lets see how to work with Virtual Folders in Windows Vista.
Whenever you perform a search ( for any files) in windows Vista , you can actually go ahead and
save the results of the search in a folder by clicking on the ‘Organize’ button and choosing ‘Save Search’!
This folder can be named anything like…" My Important Files" and can be saved anywhere e.g. on your desktop.
Now, the next time you create and save a file in your computer that has some of your important data based on the query you performed earlier, you do not need to add this file manully into your "My important Files" folder.
You can actually save this file anywhere in the computer, and the next time you open the "My Important Files’ folder on your desktop, you would actually find your new important file (that you just created) there!
Hey ! It actually happens!!!
Well How?
Virtual Folders actually store search results.These folders are actually specilly formatted XML files that show the results from a database query in a presentable format that looks like a normal folder in Vista. So everytime, you open that folder, the query in the XML code gets executed, and the search results are presented to you in the form of folder contents.
So as you keep on adding files in your computer, that match those search criteria, the fies keep getting added on to that Virtual Folder!!
Magic ! Isnt IT!!

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