Vista Imaging Tool

Do you remember deploying operating systems on computers by creating one test computer for each H/W make,installing all applications on to it , imaging it using Ghost like utilities and then deploying it onto a 100 other computers.
Each time you needed to deploy a different set of applications on certain computers,you needed to preapre a seperate test computer, install applications manually, image it and then deploy it to selected computers.
Phoooh! Tedious !
Wasnt it?
Imagine if could have an imaging tool that could allow you to create images independent of the H/W make of the system? Over that , imagine having images that you could just rip open and modify whetever way you liked?What if you could take one image and add or delete applications or folders to it and save it as another image, instead having to create a whole new computer with little diffrences?
Ximage   is a your answer!
Yes , Ximage is the new imaging tool introduced by Microsoft In Windows VIsta that allows you to do just all this!
Hey! Excited, to see how it works? U must be!
So lets take a look at this tool!
It comes in the WIndows Automated Installation toolkit (WAIK) shipped with Windows Vista.
Ximage.exe is a command line tool that allows you to image an entire directory tree or an entire running operating system, and save it in the form of wim file. WIM is the WIndows Image format file that can be mounted on a folder to open and see its contents or can even be modified!
Not only that, you can even store more that one images in the same wim file , yet keeping the size of the file almost same!
Though it is a command line tool, but it has got a no. of arguments or parameters that allow easy operation of this tool.
The wim images created usin ximage are platform independent, and can be modified by mounting them on an existing Windows folder, just like you could add or delete files from a Windows folder!
The /capture option can e used to capture an image , /info can be used to optain info on the file, while /mount and /unmount can be used to mount an unmount the image respectively.
So does this idea rock u?
I am sure it would!
So go start using

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