How to create MSI packages for Software Distribution

Using  WINSTALL LE to create MSI Packages




  1. Install Winstall LE from Windows 2000 Server CD >> Support > ValueAdd > Third Party > WINSTLE > SWIADMLE.msi 
  2. The install process installs Veritas Software folder in the Start Menu which provide 2 options:-
    1.  Veritas Discover
    2. Veritas Software Console.
  3. Make sure you have all the files including the .exe file for the software you need to create MSI package for. For example :  c:softwaresrpsetup.exe
  4. For the first time run the Veritas Discover from the start menu options above. This starts the Discover Wizard.
  5. Enter the name of the software whose MSI you wish to create and provide the path of the .exe file for it on the first page after the welcome screen.
  6. Choose which drives you wish to be scanned for changes after the software has been installed. (Choose the drive where you will install your software or if not sure, select all.)
  7. Choose the name of the .msi file and the location where you wish it to be saved. Click Next.
  8. The discover wizard takes a Before snapshot of the selected drives and the registry.
  9. After the before snapshot completes, the wizard prompts you to run the setup.exe for the software to install it on the system. Run and install the software.
  10. After the installation is complete, close all the running application windows, and run Veritas Discover again. This time the wizard prompts you to run the After snapshot of the system to create MSI package for the selected software. Run the after snapshot. The system takes a anapshot of the changes made to the system registry and any changes made to the selected drive(s).
  11. After successful completion of the snapshot it places the MSI file for the package in the selected path. The MSI package is ready for distribution through SMS or Group Policy in your network.
  12. In order to modify the way the package is deployed, open  the MSI package in the Veritas Software Console, and add features and components as desired.



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