Event Viewer IN Windows Vista

Hey! Did u get to use the new Event Viewer
Windows Vista?

Its cool isn’t it?

Not only does it give us the 3 traditional types of Windows Logs it even allows us to view events logged by other Microsoft Programs applications and services as well as third party applications also.

Traditionally in Windows XP the Event Viewer was only used by Windows OS and a few other Microsoft Services like Active Directory and FRS etc.

But the Event Viewer in Windows Vista is a One Stop Shop now for viewing all kinds of information warnings and error generated by almost anything running on the system!

Also a major challenge with the event viewer has been to filter out exactly those events that actually matter to me. It really takes a lot of effort to set up an exact filter for the events that I want to actually monitor.

Custom Filters –

In the new event viewer, we can easily setup a filter based on many parameters specifying exactly what we want to see. Beyond that, the filter gives me an XML code which is easily interpretable and editable by any IT Pro. It also therefore gives us the advantage to save a custom filter, and further even export that custom filter to another user to use it on his computer.

Subscriptions –

I can setup subscriptions to a specific type of event based on Event code for example. By doing this I can collect the event information for this event occurring not only on my local computer but also from other computers in the network where I have permissions to read information. I can collect these events in a new log setup locally on my computer and monitor all the computers.

Task Scheduler Integration –

Another fantastic feature in Windows Vista Event Viewer is its integration with Task Scheduler. Once an event occurs, I can setup a task to be executed at the time an event occurs. For example for every ‘desktop unlocked’ event that occurs I can setup the task scheduler to run a script that can send out an e-mail to the administrator.

To find out how you can work more efficiently with the new Windows Vista Event Viewer check this out:



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