Gates Crash into Security

So, one domain that Microsoft refrained from entering into for a long time, was the domain of anti-virus, anti-malware products.

Finally now, next month in April 2007, Microsoft first player in the antivirus field gets released with a brand name of "Microsoft Forefront". Its not a product in itself, but has a range of products being introduced for protecting IT resources at various levels in a corporate network.

Microsoft Forefront will have three major product lines being released in their 1.0 version:


Client and Server Products

Forefront Client Security

Windows 2000 SP4 +


Application Servers

Forefront Security for Exchange Server

Forefront Security for Sharepoint

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Sharepoint Server


Edge Protection

Intelligent Application Gateway

Microsoft ISA Server


I am going to be focusing this time on Forefront Client Security (FCS).

The features of FCS are focused under 3 major pillars-

Unified Protection

Simplified Administration

Visibility and Control


It is basically aimed at providing unified protection to business servers, desktops, laptops in your organization with an incredibly simple way to manage and administer them all.

So there have been a number of products and features around for protecting the infrastructure like Windows Defender, MSRT (MS Spyware Removal Tool), Windows Live One Care etc. These tools have essentially been helping the individual users protect and manage their own desktops.

The basic engine that detects and removes all the recently developed viruses and spyware is the same in all these products including FCS. In addition to this, FCS provides a unified management of antivirus- antispyware tool on these systems and even allows centralized reporting by the use of SQL reporting services working in its background.



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