New Terminal Services Remote Programs in Longhorn Server

So worried about the highly low capability of your old desktop computer? You don’t need to invest huge sums of money into changing your entire company’s desktop infrastructure to run all those resource intensive applications and programs.

Windows Longhorn Terminal Services provides the solution!

Terminal Services is not a new feature of Windows Servers, and enterprises have been using this feature successfully since Windows NT.

However, even with the inclusion of Terminal Services feature in Standard Windows Servers (2000 and 2003), we see that not many enterprises make complete use of this feature.

This may be due to the limitations of the environment in which this service can be used (Local Area Networks only.).

To overcome this limitation, Microsoft has introduced many new features in

Terminal Services

included in Windows Server codenamed "Longhorn".

The new Terminal Services make the new Windows Longhorn Server

the most powerful centralized application platform ever

introduced by Microsoft.


Terminal Services Gateway

is one such feature that is an added role to the terminal server. It enables Internet access to remote computers through firewalls and NATs.


The TS Gateway acts as a gateway (like VPN Server) that allows authorized remote users to logon to the terminal servers of a corporate network from anywhere over the internet. It also allows users to connect over the internet to computers in the internal network that are configured to allow Remote Desktop Connections (including Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista). All this


having to make

any VPN connections



protocol is used to make these connections over the internet over an encrypted HTTPS
channel. Users will need SSL certificate to utilize this functionality. The Network Policy Server (NPS) is used to check for the health status of the client before it is allowed access to the network. Active Directory is also checked for the proper level of access a user has to resources within the network.


3 thoughts on “New Terminal Services Remote Programs in Longhorn Server”

  1. Does Longhorn Terminal Services have any better compatibility feature for SoftGrid… I mean anything more than what Softgrid+Server2003 terminal services could offer?

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