Bitlocker To Go – Windows 7

Bitlocker To Go – This security feature in Windows 7 is actually an extension of the Bitlocker Drive Encryption provided in Windows Vista. actually BDE only provided Full Volume Encryption for the System Volume in Windows Vista originally. This feature was then extended to provide Full Volume Encyption on data drives also in Windows Vista SP1.
And now in Windows 7, BDE has been further extended to provide encryption for portable volumes such as USB sticks etc.
So, when you choose to enable Bitlocker-To Go on the USB drive, this is how it protects it:
So once we choose to protect it with a password, or save that password in the smartcard, it then starts the Bitlocker Drive Encryption on the USB drive. Once the encryption is over, you may use the USB stick (enabled with BDE) and plud it into any system (Win 7 or non-win7) and just enter the password (or smartcard with the password) to access the data inside.

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