Bitlocker – Data Recovery Agent

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 come with added support for Bitlocker Data Recovery Agent (DRA) support for all protected volumes. The DRA is a certificate-based data recovery agent that can be utilized to recover the contents of any BitLocker protected volume. Since the group policy settings are separate for Operating System Drives, Fixed Data Drives, and Removable Data Drives, customers have flexibility in how they want to configure their recovery options for the different threats that each separate drive type may experience.

Here is how you can add the DRAs for Bitlocker




Here you need to select an account (or a .cer file) that has the Key Recovery Agent capabilities.


11 thoughts on “Bitlocker – Data Recovery Agent”

  1. This post shows how to setup the policy to force using a DRA, but how do you use the recover agent private key to recover the Bitlocker key?

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