Bye Bye VPN ! Welcome DirectAccess !

Do you ‘work from Home’ quite often? Do you wish you could beconnected to your Corporate LAN anywhere anytime? Even while sipping coffee in the nearby cafe? R you tired of slow internet access after you make a VPN connection? Are you tired of the process of connecting to Corp LAN via VPN? Welcome DirectAccess.

DirectAccess provides users transparent access to internal network resources whenever they are connected to the Internet.

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 introduce DirectAccess, which enables users to have the same experience working at home or at a wireless hotspot as they would in the office. With DirectAccess, authorized users on Windows 7 computers can access corporate shares, view intranet Web sites, and work with intranet applications without going through a VPN. DirectAccess uses IPv6 to provide globally routable IP addresses for remote access clients. DirectAccess authenticates the computer before the user logs on, allowing IT professionals to manage the computer when the Internet connection is established. DirectAccess uses IPsec to provide authentication and encryption for communications across the Internet. . With DirectAccess, IT professionals can configure the internal resources to which each user can connect, granting unlimited access or allowing access only to specific servers or networks.

DirectAccess uses split-tunnel routing, as shown, which reduces unnecessary traffic on the corporate network. Split-tunnel routing sends only traffic destined for the enterprise network through the DirectAccess server.



17 thoughts on “Bye Bye VPN ! Welcome DirectAccess !”

  1. Hi Ranjana ..This is Chandu From Hyderabad i Attended Ur TechEd Session on NAP I would like to know that which RFC( Request For Comment) **** you microsoft people used for Design NAP

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