Microsoft acquires Opalis Software – Know how Opalis helps automate IT

Opalis IT Process Automation (ITPA) Software reduces operational costs and improves IT efficiency by delivering services faster, with fewer errors. This is achieved by replacing manual, resource-intensive and error prone activities with standardized, automated processes.

Opalis automates the end to end operational processes that traverse organizational boundaries – bridging IT silos, management tools, physical, and virtual environments.

Here is how Opalis helps you build a Dynamic Datacenter

As a part of the Microsoft System Center Server Management Suite, Opalis is uniquely positioned to enable the dynamic datacenter by orchestrating tasks between Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Data Protection Manager and 3rd party management tools. Opalis can be leveraged to automate any IT process across a heterogeneous environment, with full solutions for Incident Management, Change & Configuration Management and Provisioning & Service Management

  1. Incident Management – With the Opalis Incident Management solution you can:
    • Automate triage, diagnose and repair steps.
    • Enrich the alert with diagnostic info and escalate to an application expert.
    • Move or sync 3rd party event monitors with Operations Manager.
    • Integrate Operations Manager with service desk tools, diagnostic scripts and application tools


      This workflow triages an error from Operations Manager and then populates a service desk with diagnostic results.

  2. Provisioning and Service Management – With the Opalis Provisioning & Service Management solution you can:
    • Orchestrate network, storage, server, application and management tasks to build and deploy services.
    • Automatically clone, configure, deploy and verify virtual machine status.
    • Integrate service desks tools for approval processes.
    • Coordinate backup, notification, asset and CMDB tools during tear down activities.
    • Power up and power down servers based on request or alert


      This workflow coordinates tasks between Virtual Machine manager, Configuration Manger and a service desk

    • Change and Configuration Management – Opalis ensures consistent and repeatable outcomes during the change process by coordinating Configuration Manager with 3rd party asset, database and management tools. With Oplais you can:
      • Automate CI creation and sync CMDB tools.
      • Automate approval processes between departments.
      • Orchestrate tools to fix audit failures and return to the desired state.
      • Integrate Configuration Manager with service desks, asset management, event monitors and CMDBs


        This workflow orchestrates tasks between Virtual Machine Manager, Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager and a service desk.



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