A new Blog, a new World, oustide Microsoft!

Welcome to my new blog, my new world outside Microsoft. As I start my new career outside Microsoft, here is a fresh start to my blog. Thanks to all of you for your continuos support and communication with me.

Continue to know technology more closely with me on my blog, as I explore new technologies and dive deeper into them.

Here is a promise to provide deep dive technical content on the latest in Client/Server technologies.



5 thoughts on “A new Blog, a new World, oustide Microsoft!”

  1. I have been a keen reader of all your blogs and articles…will definetely miss ur blogs on ms…continue the good work nd best of luck for your future outside microsoft…

  2. Hey Ranjana,

    First of all best of luck for ur new career path, i hope u will still continue to provide us the new era of new technologies to help us in our career. i met u on one of the event from microsoft at ahmedabad.. after onwards i m so impressed abt the way to simplified new technologies….. keep rocking……………….once again BEST OF LUCK……………..

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