Information Protection Technologies

Following is a table that recommends the most appropriate data protection technology that can be used to protect High Business Impact information while sharing it on different platforms:





BitLocker and BitLocker To Go™

Technology description Enables you to apply specific access permissions to documents, workbooks, and presentations to prevent unauthorized forwarding, printing, or copying; and to set expiration dates after which files no longer are available or usable. Enables you to encrypt and/or digitally sign your e-mail messages so that only the people you specify can access them. Encrypts your files or folders, and requires users other than you to enter the appropriate decryption key before they can access the encrypted content. Protects data on your computer by preventing unauthorized access to the hard disk drive
Transmit with internal e-mail Acceptable solution Preferred solution    
Transmit with external e-mail   Preferred solution    
Share by using SharePoint Preferred solution      
Share by using Sharepoint Workspaces Preferred solution      
Storing on a computer New hardware running Windows Vista® or newer Acceptable solution   Acceptable solution Preferred solution
Storing on a computer Old hardware running Windows Vista or older Preferred solution   Acceptable solution  
Storing on removable mediaUse Windows 7 or Windows Server® 2008 R2     Acceptable solution Preferred solution

For more information and recommendations on How to Secure Business Information, download the Securing Business Information Work Smart Guide from Microsoft IT.


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