Create Network Security Group (NSG) now from new Azure Portal

In Azure, Network security group (NSG) contains a list of Access Control List (ACL) rules that allow or deny network traffic to your VM instances in a Virtual Network. NSGs can be associated with either subnets or individual VM instances within that subnet. When a NSG is associated with a subnet, the ACL rules apply to all the VM instances in that subnet. In addition, traffic to an individual VM can be restricted further by associating a NSG directly to that VM.

Till now creation of an independent new NSG (without the creation of a VM) was not possible through the new azure portal ( But now you can create a new NSG in GUI mode from the new portal (

Here is the step by step procedure:

  1. Login to the Azure portal and click New ->Networking -> Network Security Group :                                    1-NewNSG
  2. Select Resource Manager as the Deployment model:2-ResMgr
  3. On the details pane, provide the details including NSG Name, resource group and location:                                       3-Details
  4. Once created, add the Inbound and/or Outbound security rules as required:4-Created
  5. The new NSG can now be bound to any new or existing VM or subnet as required:5-AddtoSubnet





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